About Hjortronsylt

hjortron-lilla The name of this site means "Cloudberry Jam" in Swedish.

In case that wasn't the only reason you clicked this page, I'll add a few remarks about myself. I'm a Heathen, currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm a member of the Red Oak Heathen Fellowship, and the views on this blog don't necessarily reflect the views of the group. I'm a bit eclectic in my tastes in just about everything, from food to music to spirituality. However, I call myself Heathen because I feel like having a cohesive worldview that is based in community and tradition, and honors the Ancestors and land spirits (wights) helps keep me centered.

I started this blog when I was narrowing my search for labels to put on what I believe, and trying to make sense of what has survived to the present day. I'll try to post whenever I come across something I find particularly interesting that might be relevant to others.