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  1. Folk Music

    People sometimes ask me what kind of music I listen to.  I tend to be pretty eclectic, with tastes ranging from tribal drumming to Norwegian power metal covers of pop songs.  However, for getting in touch with my ancestors I prefer folk music.  A few of my favorite groups are …

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  2. O du armes Zodawascherl!

    A friend of mine asked if I could help clarify what was meant by a passage about Frau Perchta, and in particular, the name of one of the wee people that followed in her procession in a particular story. Of course, most of the versions of the story we could …

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  3. Skyr, reloaded!


    I have recently discovered that our local Whole Foods (at least the one at Gateway near the Arboretum) carries Siggi's Skyr, which is an Icelandic-style fresh cheese resembling some kinds of yogurt. Skyr is a staple in Iceland today, having been brought from Scandinavia during the migrations. Several sources allege …

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  4. Donar

    thor_hammer_pendant Here is a a picture of the Thor's Hammer pendant I found at the Austin Celtic Festival this past weekend.  I suppose I should write more but at the moment its kind of busy around here :)You can click the image for a link to the gallery with a higher …

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  5. of the Gods.

    [i meant to post this yesterday when i wrote it but didn't get time]
    I am fire, the forge-spark burning
    Am air flowing, feeder of flames
    Am earth moving, molding, lifting
    Water rushing, river of life.
    I walk among the Ancestors
    Their ways and wisdom, their worth my own.
    I …
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