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  1. Donar

    thor_hammer_pendant Here is a a picture of the Thor's Hammer pendant I found at the Austin Celtic Festival this past weekend.  I suppose I should write more but at the moment its kind of busy around here :)You can click the image for a link to the gallery with a higher …

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  2. of the Gods.

    [i meant to post this yesterday when i wrote it but didn't get time]
    I am fire, the forge-spark burning
    Am air flowing, feeder of flames
    Am earth moving, molding, lifting
    Water rushing, river of life.
    I walk among the Ancestors
    Their ways and wisdom, their worth my own.
    I …
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  3. Crazy Faith

    crazy faith
    alison krauss & union station
    I lit my love and watched it burn
    Asking nothing in return,
    Except the lessons I would learn
    By holding crazy faith
    I've been touched by that bright fire,
    Down to the root of my desire
    While the smoke it rises higher
    On crazy …
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  4. meeting people

    Gwenhwyvar and I went to the monthly Norse group meet and greet.  It was a nice afternoon for it, and it was a small group this time, but good conversation and being near Central Market the snacks were also yummy. I got to disclose a bit more of my background …

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  5. celtic reconstruction...

    It would appear there are groups who have done a fair amount of research into the old ways of the Celtic lands.  Here's one such group.  I don't really know how I feel about that.  I have the impression that there's a lot less known about the actual practices of …

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  6. Meeting people

    I went to go meet some local heathens and pagans this evening.  We actually took the whole crew, because it was a public place with a playground and outdoor cafe and everything.  I figured it would be good to have Gwenhwyvar along to see what was what.  It was nice …

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