1. Meeting people

    I went to go meet some local heathens and pagans this evening.  We actually took the whole crew, because it was a public place with a playground and outdoor cafe and everything.  I figured it would be good to have Gwenhwyvar along to see what was what.  It was nice …

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  2. Hi!

    Just a placeholder to say hello, and if you really want to read about me you probably already have my home blog.  Otherwise, you should consider letting me know you really want to read this journal so I can add you to my friends.  Most of my posts here are …

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  3. nice dinner out

    Gwenhwyvar and I had a lovely dinner out, with good, meaningful conversation.  We talked a little about the upcoming vow renewal and deep stuff we don't normally get to discuss with the wee ones around.  Then we went for coffee and dessert and talked some more.  Now we're going to …

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  4. Skaði

    Just a quick note about another Norse goddess.  I managed to find an odd reference today to the equivalence of Skaði and Diana/Artemis in a book at Barnes and Noble.  I didn't write down the title, or did I?  I wonder if there is any tradition to back this …

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  5. Reading list

    This post is divided into two sections.  The first section represents my personal "must-read" list, containing only entries which I have personally found helpful or which I expect to find helpful based on browsing or the recommendation of a friend.


    • Kinsella's Táin (1969) was recommended to me by a …
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  6. Tanfana (or lost Vedic Heritage)

    I was pondering some information that seems fairly well established.  Notably, that the Vedic Hindus, Celts, and Norse/Germanic tribes are all rooted in the same cultural, spiritual and linguistic ancestry.  One of the more important goddesses in Celtic Myth is Danu/Dana, in terms of early influence on the …

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  7. Old friends

    I managed to discover today that an old friend of mine has had similar experiences and is on a similar sort of spiritual journey.  I am, in a word, relieved.  This is a sort of confirmation that I could never get from randomly reading similar views expressed by complete strangers …

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