1. Skyr

    So...  I have just become aware of a food product called Skyr.  Apparently some of the Whole Foods markets in the northeast have it.  Ours do not, and they didn't seem particularly interested in procuring it (but that may be because our phone connection was bad.)  Central Market, however, wanted …

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  2. Crazy Faith

    crazy faith
    alison krauss & union station
    I lit my love and watched it burn
    Asking nothing in return,
    Except the lessons I would learn
    By holding crazy faith
    I've been touched by that bright fire,
    Down to the root of my desire
    While the smoke it rises higher
    On crazy …
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  3. pumpkin patch bread

    Yesterday I bought some pumpkin bread, and this morning at breakfast I offered some to the kids.  The young master used to like it but lately is assessing things by some criteria other than "i used to like this," so he politely refused.  The wee lass, on the other hand …

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  4. meeting people

    Gwenhwyvar and I went to the monthly Norse group meet and greet.  It was a nice afternoon for it, and it was a small group this time, but good conversation and being near Central Market the snacks were also yummy. I got to disclose a bit more of my background …

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  5. celtic reconstruction...

    It would appear there are groups who have done a fair amount of research into the old ways of the Celtic lands.  Here's one such group.  I don't really know how I feel about that.  I have the impression that there's a lot less known about the actual practices of …

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