Meeting people

I went to go meet some local heathens and pagans this evening.  We actually took the whole crew, because it was a public place with a playground and outdoor cafe and everything.  I figured it would be good to have Gwenhwyvar along to see what was what.  It was nice to connect with real people and see that they might actually be normal.  The setting was a bit more overwhelming than I thought it would be, because the place was absolutely mobbed.  Nonetheless, the gathering put on by the Heathen group whose e-list I’ve been following for a few months was also attended by two reps from the Pagan group whose list I’ve also followed.  So, it was sort of like a two-for-one in terms of effort. 

I’m looking forward to the next such gathering, although I will probably be out of town for the next month’s event so it might not be until Yuletide that I am able to go again.  Next time, definitely without the wee ones in tow just for the purpose of being able to concentrate without worrying about their well being or Gwenhwyvar’s stress level in the crowd of kids.

I do need to find out some things before I go much further with the heathens, though.  I need to mail them and find out what they mean by “folkish” because it does mean different things to different groups.  Worse, it is also a buzzword that some of the hateful groups hide behind / rally around.  Fortunately, these people didn’t strike me as hateful or xenophobic but I should, I guess, ask to be sure.  Also, even if they aren’t, there are definitions of folkish that still wouldn’t fit me very well, ranging from “overly oath-happy” to “let’s revive the old social structure.”  So, it behooves me to ask.  If I’m really looking for a group at all, I want one that recognizes that the gods call whom they will.

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  1. eliste_writes

    Sounds like it was worth going out! And also nice to know that they are family-friendly, even if that made for a bit of distraction. You’ll have to post what you find out about them, and if the group is to your liking or not…

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