Monthly Archives: January 2008

Brighid & Freyja

So among other errands today, Gwenhwyvar and I managed to sneak down to one of the local new age shops.  And there, among the various little statues on the shelves behind the counter, was Brighid, the Celtic goddess of things fiery and inspire-y, and of healing and protection.

bz-bri2 One aspect holds the twin serpents (medicine), one holds a sword or dagger and smith’s tongs, and the third seems more mystical.  All three have poppy flower crowns.  The imagery here is the same as in this piece from the same company, which has a better explanation of the objects.  I’ll have to puzzle out how this relates to the three Brighids.  But, I have some time—she’s taken up residence on my desk.
fb1 There was also this small statue of of Freyja.  I like the art but I’m not sure about Gypsum stone.  [update:  I picked up this Freyja about a week later after deciding that Gypsum stone doesn’t bother me] Finally there was one of Artemis, but the particular art didn’t really speak to me.