Monthly Archives: February 2008


So…  I have just become aware of a food product called Skyr.  Apparently some of the Whole Foods markets in the northeast have it.  Ours do not, and they didn’t seem particularly interested in procuring it (but that may be because our phone connection was bad.)  Central Market, however, wanted details, which my source happened to have provided.  Specifically, they wanted to know if the product was known to be available in the Northeast and the brand names.  So, perhaps they will start carrying it.   The Whole Foods people did recommend trying a couple of specialty food shops in town and World Market, perhaps I will phone some of them in a bit. 

Apparently Skyr is an Icelandic food similar to Yogurt, but it’s not made the same way and has a slightly different consistency and inherent flavor.  Traditionally it is not flavored but might be mixed with various blended drinks (i.e. smoothies) and has recently become available in “flavors” similar to yogurt. 

Yum 🙂