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  1. eliste_writes

    Teehee! It reminded me of a quote in the book I am reading:

    “Physicist Stephen Hawking has remarked that mysticism is for those people who can’t do math. In response to Hawking’s comment, my friend George Cairns retorted, ‘Mystics are people who don’t need to do the math. They have direct experience!'”

    (From Wayne Teasdale’s The Mystic Heart)

    I particularly liked this bit from the article:

    —not only might reconcile religion and science but also might help point to ways of eliciting pleasurable otherworldly feelings in people who do not have them or who cannot summon them at will. Because of the positive effect of such experiences on those who have them, some researchers speculate that the ability to induce them artificially could transform people’s lives by making them happier, healthier and better able to concentrate.

    Talk about deus ex machina….really, I think, just like in fiction, people should have to earn their otherworldly feelings!

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