Eine Kleine Volkmusik…

So… I recently re-discovered Scandinavian Folk music and found that it reminds me a lot of quite a few different styles, but mostly it tends to remind me of Celtic or even Hindu works.  In addition to finding a Scandinavian Essentials Collection on iTunes…  I have also found a streaming radio station in Norway (look for Alltid Folkemusikk and choose your stream) and a distributor here in the states.


So…  I have just become aware of a food product called Skyr.  Apparently some of the Whole Foods markets in the northeast have it.  Ours do not, and they didn’t seem particularly interested in procuring it (but that may be because our phone connection was bad.)  Central Market, however, wanted details, which my source happened to have provided.  Specifically, they wanted to know if the product was known to be available in the Northeast and the brand names.  So, perhaps they will start carrying it.   The Whole Foods people did recommend trying a couple of specialty food shops in town and World Market, perhaps I will phone some of them in a bit. 

Apparently Skyr is an Icelandic food similar to Yogurt, but it’s not made the same way and has a slightly different consistency and inherent flavor.  Traditionally it is not flavored but might be mixed with various blended drinks (i.e. smoothies) and has recently become available in “flavors” similar to yogurt. 

Yum 🙂

Brighid & Freyja

So among other errands today, Gwenhwyvar and I managed to sneak down to one of the local new age shops.  And there, among the various little statues on the shelves behind the counter, was Brighid, the Celtic goddess of things fiery and inspire-y, and of healing and protection.

bz-bri2 One aspect holds the twin serpents (medicine), one holds a sword or dagger and smith’s tongs, and the third seems more mystical.  All three have poppy flower crowns.  The imagery here is the same as in this piece from the same company, which has a better explanation of the objects.  I’ll have to puzzle out how this relates to the three Brighids.  But, I have some time—she’s taken up residence on my desk.
fb1 There was also this small statue of of Freyja.  I like the art but I’m not sure about Gypsum stone.  [update:  I picked up this Freyja about a week later after deciding that Gypsum stone doesn’t bother me] Finally there was one of Artemis, but the particular art didn’t really speak to me.

crazy faith
alison krauss & union station

I lit my love and watched it burn
Asking nothing in return,
Except the lessons I would learn
By holding crazy faith

I’ve been touched by that bright fire,
Down to the root of my desire
While the smoke it rises higher
On crazy faith

Your not asking if I love this man,
I know you don’t
You don’t belive you can
Yet I’ve seen love open like a dancers fan
It’s crazy i know but my faith says so
It tells me.

Am I a fool for hanging on?
Would I be a fool to be long gone?
When has daylight gone to dawn?
On my crazy faith

The questions will not let me sleep
Answers buried way too deep
At the bottom of our lover’s leap
Made by crazy faith

Your not asking if I love this man
I know you don’t you don’t belive you can
Yet I’ve seen love open like a dancers fan
It’s crazy I know
But my faith says so
It tells me

Love your losing, lose your love
Let the hawk fly from the glove
Do not search the skys above
Search your crazy faith

Love is lightning
Love is ice
It only strikes the lucky twice
Once so you will know the price
Once for crazy faith

Your not asking if love this man
I know you dont you dont belive you can
Yet I’ve seen love open like a dancers fan
It’s crazy I know
but my faith says so….

pumpkin patch bread

Yesterday I bought some pumpkin bread, and this morning at breakfast I offered some to the kids.  The young master used to like it but lately is assessing things by some criteria other than “i used to like this,” so he politely refused.  The wee lass, on the other hand, was determined to try the “pumpkin patch bread,” as she calls it. 🙂 She seemed to like it, and ate the whole first piece and half of a second.

I myself have had, I think, three pieces so far.  Bad me. 🙂

Off to finish this table for the living room…

meeting people

Gwenhwyvar and I went to the monthly Norse group meet and greet.  It was a nice afternoon for it, and it was a small group this time, but good conversation and being near Central Market the snacks were also yummy. I got to disclose a bit more of my background and hear some perspective on that, and how it fits with the Norse/Germanic mindset.  I also got to ask what a faining was.  It turns out that one (tecnically) can’t do a blót without blood sacrifice (of an animal) because that’s what the word means.  A faining is any other bloodless  offering (of drink, food, incense) one might make instead of a blót.

celtic reconstruction…

It would appear there are groups who have done a fair amount of research into the old ways of the Celtic lands.  Here’s one such group.  I don’t really know how I feel about that.  I have the impression that there’s a lot less known about the actual practices of the time, compared to the ways of the Norse and Teutonic groups.  I don’t know that this impression is true, though.